June’s Monthly Economic Update

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In this month’s recap: stocks rallied in May, sparked by a supportive Federal Reserve, stories of states re-opening, and reported progress on a COVID-19 vaccine.

Making a Charitable Contribution

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There are benefits and limitations when you decide to donate stock. Why sell shares when you can gift them? If you have appreciated stocks in your portfolio, you might want to consider donating those shares to charity rather than selling them. Why, exactly? Donating appreciated securities to a tax-exempt charity may allow you to manage your taxes and benefit the charity. If you have held the stock for more than … Read More

CARES Act Update on EBSA Disaster Relief Notice 2020-01

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CARES Act and Retirement Plans. What you need to know

CARES Act Update: On April 29 2020, the Employee Benefit Security Administration (“EBSA”), a division of the Department of Labor (“DOL”), issued Disaster Relief Notice 2020-01, which contains items impacting retirement plans subject to ERISA.