Investing During Periods of Inflation

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Empower Yourself with a Trusted Professional. When inflation is low, it’s easy to overlook how rising prices are affecting a household budget. On the other hand, when inflation trends higher, it may be tempting to make more sweeping changes in response to increasing prices. The best approach may be to reach out to your financial professional to help you develop an investment strategy that takes both possible scenarios into account

Coffee Talk: Review of the Current Investment Landscape

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Join PensionmarkMeridien as we host Emily Roland, Head of Capital Markets Research with John Hancock as she provides insights on the current equity and fixed income markets and how inflation will affect both sectors. At John Hancock Investments, their multimanager approach to investing provides them with the ability to leverage the very best market insight from our diverse asset management network and as a part of that network Emily will breakdown the latest thinking from John Hancock’s asset management network.

Volatility Tests Your Mettle

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Remember, you craft your investment strategy to help pursue your long-term goals, regardless of what the markets do from day-to-day.

What has your advisor done for you?

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