Inflation Outlook for 2021

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With reports of rising prices and talks on inflation, it can be difficult to know how concerned one should be.

A COLA with Your Social Security

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Retirement may hold many surprises. But your sources of retirement income shouldn’t be one of them. It’s critical to have a strategy that keeps your expectations in line with reality.

Recovering from COVID

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In recent weeks, we have seen some promising trends emerge on the health front.That confidence is starting to work its way into the economy as more people feel safer venturing out and making plans for the future.

Inflation Can Be a Scary Word

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Inflation is just one factor considered when creating a portfolio. If inflation starts to trend higher than expected for a period of time, adjustments can be made.

Investing During Periods of Inflation

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Empower Yourself with a Trusted Professional. When inflation is low, it’s easy to overlook how rising prices are affecting a household budget. On the other hand, when inflation trends higher, it may be tempting to make more sweeping changes in response to increasing prices. The best approach may be to reach out to your financial professional to help you develop an investment strategy that takes both possible scenarios into account