May Economic Update

Alexis DuffyMonthly Newsletter, Newsroom

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In this month’s recap: Stocks notched a solid gain, fueled by a succession of positive economic reports and a strong start to the first-quarter earnings season.

Quarterly Economic Update

Alexis DuffyQuarterly Newsletter

In this Q4 recap: the appearance of two COVID-19 vaccines gives businesses and consumers hope and lifts stocks; U.S. lawmakers approve a second financial stimulus; European negotiators sign off on a post-Brexit trade deal.

February Economic Update

Alexis DuffyMonthly Newsletter, Newsroom

In this month’s recap: As the month came to a close, stocks were mixed as attention shifted to unprecedented activity around a handful of companies with short-interest positions.

July’s Monthly Economic Review

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In this month’s recap: stocks rallied in May, sparked by a supportive Federal Reserve, stories of states re-opening, and reported progress on a COVID-19 vaccine.