Monthly Economic Update: November

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Yes, the seasonal pattern for U.S. equities is strong at this time of year!

Historically, November and December are a strong time of year for U.S. equities. After October’s dismal showing for U.S. stock indexes, market watchers are debating the opportunities in stocks for the remainder of the year.

3rd Quarter of 2023 Economic Review

Alexis DuffyMonthly Newsletter, Newsroom

Overall, stock market bulls were on the retreat during the third quarter of 2023 as several major stock indexes traded lower in response to rising interest rates and a strong dollar.

In fact, after three consecutive positive quarters for the S&P 500, the large-cap index found some sellers in the third quarter.

2nd Quarter of 2023 Economic Update

Alexis DuffyMonthly Newsletter, Newsroom

Let’s make it three for the S&P! The second quarter of 2023 was the third consecutive positive quarter for the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Nasdaq 100 was the biggest gainer of the three major indexes in the second quarter, with AI and large-cap tech fueling gains.

Monthly Economic Update: July

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If a trader or investor was trying to time the market in March during the regional banking panic, they more than likely would not have participated in the gains we just saw in June! Long-term investors stay the course with discipline.

Monthly Economic Update: June

Alexis DuffyMonthly Newsletter, Newsroom

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The month began on a solid note as stocks rallied following the Fed’s announcement of a 50-basis-point hike in the federal funds rate. The market was relieved to hear comments from Fed Chair Jerome Powell, who said that a 75-basis-point increase was not actively being considered.