A 2021 Economic Review

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In this 2021 recap: new coronavirus variants prolong the pandemic, but the economy adapts and maintains its strength; inflation pressure mounts and the Federal Reserve decides to adjust monetary policy; the major U.S. stock indexes hit record highs

2021 4th Quarterly Economic Update

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In this Q4 recap: U.S. economy confronts a new COVID-19 variant amid continuing inflation and supply chain bottlenecks. Europe institutes new social restrictions in response to a surge in Delta and Omicron variant infections. Investors turn cautious as uncertainties increase.

A Weekly Economic Update

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In this week’s recap: Market copes with unpleasant news; Powell surprises, Omicron concerns, and a less than stellar jobs report disappoints.

Weekly Economic Update

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Fears over inflation, supply shortages, and slowing economic growth in China were pushed aside last week as investors reacted to a daily succession of positive corporate earnings surprises.