PensionmarkMeridien Thanks Clients in Action: Profiles in Kindness

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PensionmarkMeridien Thanks Clients in Action: Profiles in Kindness

During these challenging times, PensionmarkMeridien wishes to highlight the unsung and outstanding efforts of our valued clients.

Today, we wish to send our gratitude and appreciation to Direct Federal.

They deployed a Community Action Group, made up of Direct Federal employees, to proactively reach out to high-risk members and address any needs they have.

At the same time their partnerships with a multitude of charitable organizations in the community remain strong and they are actively reaching out to these groups and are committed to helping during this pandemic. To learn more click here.

How to Respond with Kindness During Challenging Times

During difficult times, how do we act individually and how can we come together as a society?

Practice Empathy: It can be difficult when those affected by hardship are strangers or live far away. But empathy crosses all boundaries, unites us and helps us remember that no matter what happens, none of us must go through it alone.

Listen: How can we be empathetic to the plight of others? Listening is different from hearing. When we listen we acknowledge the others feelings as valid and we invite them into a conversation to create a more selfless dialogue.

Give Gratitude: Practice gratefulness, show you recognize negative situations, but choose to find joy in the positive instead. When we practice gratitude, we have a kinder outlook on life overall and for the future.

Remember Perspective: Don’t dismiss difficult times but embrace the potential for good after the period has passed. If we remember to stand for kindness, both individually and as a society, we can continue to live better and support those who need our help.

How to Help: See if there’s anything you can do to support your family, your community or complete strangers. Make a simple gesture; call an old friend, donate to a charity, or volunteer your time to make a difference.